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POS - P2PE Credit Card Data

Point-to-Point Encryption of Credit Card Data

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) ensures that sensitive credit and debit card data is completely protected, all the way from the card swiping motion, while the information is in transit, and to the payment processor. State of the art encrypting devices scan and encrypt the cardholder information before performing the electronic payment transaction.

These sophisticated devices encrypt and securely transmit cardholder data safely over any network. The encrypted cardholder data that is being transmitted is completely different from the original cardholder data in every way. Even if the data were intercepted it would be useless. Over the past year, hackers have focused increasingly on the theft of credit card data while it is in transit.

Visa has recently issued a warning against "packet sniffing," a form of cardholder data theft where thieves use malicious software in order to intercept card data as it moves through the system. The PCI Security Standards Council has confirmed that software providers, processors and merchants should be moving toward point-to-point encryption technology.

With end-to-end encryption, vulnerable data never passes into your system and is therefore not your responsibility. The responsibility for the card data is assumed by the vendor who provides the encrypting mechanisms. Reports are available via a web portal, since specific transactional detail is never stored in your POS.

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