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Southwest POS has hundreds of independent and small chain grocers using our scanning/checkout solutions. PCI Validated software and equipment are included with the durable and purpose-built checkout systems. Integration of your Credit, Debit and EBT are performed using a secure internet gateway. We only provide proven grocery software and hardware; your uptime is maximized when the right system is selected.

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Small Retailers: Premise Based Software

For small to medium sized retailers who are not comfortable with the prospect of an internet-dependant POS, Southwest provides a solid, fault-tolerant, mission critical solution backed by our experienced installers and trainers. It is scalable for the single-store operator to the small chain, with sophisticated retail features. High volume stores and boutiques can benefit from this one, versatile program. There is no single point of failure.

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Very Small Retailers: iPad / iPhone - Cloud Based Software

For very small businesses, boutiques, mobile businesses or startups, Southwest POS is proud to supply the NCR SILVER cloud point of sale software. Complete support by NCR is included in your monthly fee. Hardware is your only start-up cost. End-to-end encryption guarantees your wireless credit transactions are safely sent.

Not sure about hooking up with a mysterious web-based product? Trust NCR.

Earn a rebate when you sign up through Southwest POS.

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Taco Shops, BOBA Bars, Burger Joints

For these QSR businesses, we have a versatile Touch-Screen POS. Get the menu and touch-screen functionality of a sophisticated (and expensive) PC-based POS system, but avoid the risks and hassles of using computers. The Reflection Embedded POS is built on solid-state technology and an embedded O/S. It is not susceptible to viruses or spyware and cannot surf the web. Integrated credit card payments are available; Mercury Payments will rent the integrated terminals for a few pennies a day.

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