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Southwest POS cooperates with our clients' own trusted advisors. So, if you have an I.T. consultant, wiring specialist, accountant/bookkeeper, appliance or fixture vendor, merchant services liaison, datacomm provider, scan coordinator, QSA-Certified Security Consultant or life-coach, we are eager to work with them.


StoreNext Retail Technologies LLC is the top supplier of retail technology to small chains and independent grocers. StoreNext is based in Plano, Texas, and is a business unit of Retalix Ltd. (NASDAQ: RTLX), marketing ISS45 and ScanMaster POS software, IBM and Fujitsu POS hardware, Datalogic scanner/scales, U-Scan self-checkout systems, Connected Payments and many other Retalix Global Payments applications, Retalix Store/HQ and RBO back-office applications, Retalix Loyalty, Internet Connected Services™ for managing stores via Web-enabled applications.

NCR is a global technology company with numerous self-service solutions for POS systems and software, ATM machines and software and airline check-in systems. NCR designs and tests its durable POS terminals for the demands of all retail environments.

NCR retail POS systems receive thorough testing, and have earned the distinction of being "Retail Hardened." NCR Point of sale terminals exceed PC industry reliability standards with everything from their internal electronics to external enclosures.

Evolution Robotics
Evolution Robotics starts with a visual scanner that recognizes items without having to read a UPC code. A smart camera is continuously scanning for items. When an item is detected and recognized using the patented ViPR® technology, its UPC information is sent directly to the POS. The cashier verifies the items that were found under the basket and can continue with the transaction.

VeriFone, Inc. is an international designer and producer of electronic payment solutions. VeriFone's principal product lines include point of sale, merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems for multiple industries, including hospitality, retail, financial, petroleum, healthcare and government.

Epson is a globally recognized Japanese electronics company and one of the largest manufacturers of information and imaging related equipment and printers.

Mercury Patment Systes
Mercury Payment Systems offers a wide variety of integrated payment products for POS systems. These products deliver automated transaction reporting, tip adjustment, unlimited MercuryGift transactions and 'always on' processing. Mercury Payment Systems offers free around-the-clock support through MercuryLive. Their latest offering is a revolutionary cell-phone based loyalty module.

Digital I/O
Digital I/O offers industry leading and friendly customer service. No other solutions provider can match their response time, outstanding customer support, or ability to deliver common sense technology solutions that work exactly as needed, efficiently and reliably.
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