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Replacement Stylus Pens for the Verifone MX8xx Terminals are only $24.99


Epson is known for its committment to delivering cost-effective, innovative products that make businesses run more efficiently. Their advanced POS solutions are focused on bringing advanced technology and robust, valuable functionality to POS systems.

We can provide you with a wide variety of Epson products:
  • Printers: TM-T88III, TM-T88IV, TM-88V, TM-U200, TM-U220B.
  • Pole Displays: DM-D110, DM-D210.


    Barcode readers come with a variety of technologies and features. For every pocketbook or configuration, there is a suitable scanner. Southwest POS can suggest the right device for you: call and ask for a recommendation and pricing.

    We carry: MS9520, MS9540, MS3580, IT3800, LS2208 and many more.


    Southwest POS can recommend the best cash drawer for your check-out station.

    Whether you need an entry-level manual cash drawer, or a large and robust steel grocery box with media slots, we are your best resource.

    We carry: CD-405, CC-410, EP-128KL, Vasario, Heritage and many more.

    >>> See video for more info


    The LaneHawk system prevents bottom-of-basket (BOB) loss when integrated with the cashier's POS system. It includes with a visual scanner that recognizes items, even without having to read the UPC code.

    Our solution easily integrates with any existing or new POS system, including self-checkout systems.

    A smart camera is flush-mounted checkout lanes, continuously scanning for items. When an item is detected and recognized using patented ViPRŪ technology, its UPC information is sent directly to the POS. The cashier then verifies the items that were found under the basket and continues with the transaction.

    The item can remain in the bottom of the basket and, with LaneHawk BOB, you will always get paid for it.

    >>> See video for more info

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