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iPad / iPhone Cloud POS

iPad POS NCR Silver is a super light app for your iDevice retail solution. Completely supported by NCR, it is the ideal POS for start-ups and mobile businesses.

BYOD? Not a problem. Additional devices can be added for ten cents per sale.

NCR provides the encrypting credit card swipes for your iDevice to ensure the data security that other POS apps ignore.

Earn a rebate by signing up through Southwest POS!

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POS Software

StoreNext's ScanMaster is dedicated exclusively to serving independent grocers and regional chains. It is a premise-based, customizable solution that combines a wide range of features to meet the ever changing service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery environment. StoreNext ScanMaster

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POS Hardware

NCR delivers POS terminals designed to deliver outstanding performance and investment protection for your business.

NCR RealPOS 80XRT NCR's leading POS terminal, the NCR RealPOS 80XRT, enables grocers to deploy industry-leading performance, scalability and systems manageability to the POS.

Touch-screen users may use the RealPOS-25, All-in-One terminal. To accompany your iPAD POS, we provide NCR printers and cash drawers.

HP provides the competitively priced and configurable RP7 All-in-One POS System.

RP7 All-in-One POS System It offers easy implementation within your existing retail store and is backed by a three-year standard limited warranty. Both the POS and Digital Signage products from HP come with this standard 3 year, next-business-day warranty.

Value seeking clients will appreciate the products from Pioneer POS. When the low cost alternatives are too scary to consider, Pioneer's line of all-in-ones have a great bang-for-the-buck.

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Featured Grocery Products SWPOS is a supplier of high quality Shopping Carts. We carry both full-sized cards and the smaller, more maneuverable convenience carts. Call for details.

Replacement Stylus Pens for the Verifone MX8xx Terminals are only $24.99

The LaneHawk system defeats bottom-of-basket (BOB) loss when integrated with the cashier's POS program.

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End-to-End Encryption of Credit Card Data

Credit card data encrypted upon swipe. This helps remove the POS and merchant's network from the scope of PCI by eliminating plain text card data that otherwise would be "in the clear." With end-to-end encryption, credit card data is converted in a specialized magnetic card reader before even passing into the POS system. No vulnerable data ever passes through your system and is not your responsibility. Your reports are available via a web portal.

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Digital Signage

Reach your key audiences and grow revenue by making your communications more relevant and memorable. Stunning, high-impact digital signage is easily integrated into your current environment when installed by HP technicians.

Manage your content via the xchanceexec suite, a cloud based application that drives your POS also. Create static menu boards, dynamic marketing boards, or have us design a consumer interactive touch-screen game to entice your customers to sign up for the loyalty program or to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

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