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Specialty Retail

Retail Edge

Retail Edge offers small to midsize retailers a flexible and complete Point-of-sale solution that meets unique and very specific requirements. Designed specifically for specialty retailers, Retail Edge provides a stable and robust front-end with a diverse set of features to handle a wide variety of retail needs. The system is priced for small businesses, and the software can run on any Windows-based computer.

The POS system can be built with whichever hardware is most appropriate: smaller cash drawers for a boutique, presentation-type barcode readers for a fast checkout store. Add to inventory or do stock checking with your iPhone or iPad.

NCR Silver

NCR Silver is a complete point-of-sale solution that runs on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Unlike many "iPad POS" programs, NCR Silver is much more than just a payment processing application. It is a complete business solution for iOS devices.

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